Research Report of NILIM

No Subject Section Year/Month
75 Study on Microzonation of Port and Harbor Area Based on the Site Amplification Factors Port Facilities Division 2024/3
73 Proposal for a Method to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Roof Shade Installation in Reefer Container Areas  Port, Coastal and Marine Department  2023/10
72 Development of a Performance Indicator and Evaluation Program for Improving Fire Safety in Non-Residential Buildings   Fire Standards Division  2023/7
71 Assessment of Aleatory Uncertainty of Storm Surges and High Waves by Bootstrap Method Port and Coastal Disaster Prevention Division 2023/7
70 Restoration measures for road bridges damaged by The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake in consideration of reducing re-disaster and securing road functions at an early stage  Kumamoto Earthquake Recovery Division 2023/3
69 Development of Design and Construction Technology for Mixed Structures Utilizing Newly Developed Wood-Based Materials Building Department 2023/3
68 Development a method to Grasp and Analyze Offshore Waiting at World Container Terminals  Port Systems Division 2022/10
67 Study on Void Detection and Soundness Evaluation of Airport Pavement Immediately after an Earthquake Using FWD  Airport Facilities Division 2021/3
66 Study on advanced evaluation methods of housing policy using outcome indicators based on logic model  Director of Housing Department 2020/11
65 Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Reliability-Based Design in Disaster Prevention Planning : Regarding Airport BCP and the Like  Executive Director for Research Affairs 2020/10
63 Study on Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Computational Fluid Dynamics Coastal Disaster Prevention Division 2019/3
62 How to Make and Use 3D Archives of Settlements Housing Planning Division 2019/2
61 Proposal for housing standard of shared house which utilized existing housing stock  Research Coordinator for Housing Performance 2018/12
60 Analysis of the Impact of Man-Made Disasters of Port/Shipping on International Container Trade Port Systems Division 2018/3
59 Study on Planning Method of Housing Considering Safety, Relief and Ease of Child-care Research Coordinator for Housing Performance 2018/1
58 Model Development and Policy Analysis of Intermodal International Container Cargo Shipping Focused on South Asia International Coordination Division 2016/9
57 Compilation of Research Results over 5 years (FY2011-2015) by NILIM to Contribute Toward Reconstruction Following the Great East Janan Earthquake National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management 2016/9
56 Study on the Planning Method of the Elderly Housing with Life Support Service Research Coordinator for Housing Performance 2015/1
55 A Study on Seismic Risk Management of Social Capital Oprerated as Concession -Example of Airport- Research Coordinator for Advanced Airport Technology 2015/2
54 Measurement and application of average residence time of marine plastics on beaches Coastal Zone Systems Division 2014/7
53 Numerical estimation of inflow flux of floating natural macro-debris into Tokyo Bay Coastal Zone Systems Division 2013/6
52 Emergency Responses and Engineering Contributions by NILIM for the Recovery from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management 2013/1
51 Sequential monitoring of quantity of colored macro plastic debris using a new technique for detecting pixels of plastic debris from webcam images Coastal Zone Systems Division 2012/12
50 A Consideration for Precision Improvement of Official Port Cargo Statistics in the World Port Planning Division Port Systems Division 2012/3
49 Model Development on Estimating Import and Export Port Cargo Volume considering the International Trading and Industrial Structure Port Systems Division 2011/12
48 A study on the combination method of correlated wave and wind actions Port Facilities Division 2011/9
47 A Consideration about Port Entry of Bulk Carrier with Using Tidal Level Port Planning Division 2011/9
46 Overtopping and Overflow Modeling in Storm Surge with High Waves and Estimation of Storm Surge Inundation Damage Sensitivity to Global Warming in Japan’s Three Major Bays Port and Harbor Department 2011/6
45 Dimensions of Mega Container Ship and Berth Dimensions/Container Terminal Area Compatible Port Planning Division 2011/3
44 Nationwide study on the sessile assemblage inhabiting coastal structures, Japan Marine Environment Division 2011/3
43 Dependence of Wind-Driven Current on Wind Stress Direction in a Small Semienclosed, Homogeneous Rotating Basin Coastal Zone Systems Division 2010/6
42 The Architecture of Landscape Simulation System Ver.2.09, provided by MLIT Research Center for Advanced Information Technology 2011/3
41 Study on Advanced Methods in Design and Maintenance of Airport Pavements Airport Facilities Division 2010/3
40 Model Development of Multimodal International Logistics Flow in East and Southeast Asia and Policy Evaluation of Logistics Infrastructure in ASEAN Countries Port Systems Division 2009/12
39 Container Terminal Investment and their Effects on Decreasing Transport Cost in China by Applying the Model for International Cargo Simulation (MICS) Port Systems Division 2009/3
38 A Domestic Air Demand Model for Analysis of Airport Competition Situation Airport Planning Division 2009/1
37 Model Development of International Maritime Container Cargo Flow Simulation Focused on Eastern Asia Port Systems Division 2009/1
36 Container Load/Discharge Ratio of Each Sea Route at Japanese Ports Port Systems Division 2008/9
35 Basic Study on the Monitoring Techniques for Bay Enviroment by Sensors'Deployment Marine Environment Division 2008/3
34 A Network Equilibrium Model for International Air Transport Network Policy Analysis Considering Airport Capacity and Operation Regulation Airport Planning Division 2007/12
33 Study on Ship Height by Statistical Analysis
-Standard of Ship Height of Design Ship(Draft)-
Port Planning Division 2007/3
32 Strategies for Improving the Residential Environment of Exiting Suburban Small-lot Residential Areas (Minikaihatsu)through Harmoniously Controlling the Rebuilding of Houses Urban Development Division 2007/1
31 Study on Ship Height by Statistical Analysis -Standard of Ship Height of Design Ship(Draft)- Airport Planning Division 2006/11
30 Study on Thin Bonded Concrete Overlay of Airport Concrete Pavement Airport Facilities Division 2006/9
29 Formulation of Asset Management for Port Facilities -Determination of Structural Performance Degradation and Trial Application- Airport Planning Division 2006/9
28 Study on Ship Dimensions by Statistical Analysis -Standard of Main Dimensions of Design Ship (Draft)- Airport Planning Division 2006/3
27 Report on Damage to Infrastructures by the 2004 Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake Research Center for Disaster Risk Management,etc 2006/1
26 Preservation of Grooving Effectiveness for Airport Runways Airport Facilities Division 2005/12
25 Estimation Methodology and Results on International Maritime Container OD Cargo Volume Mainly Focused on East Asian Area Port Systems Division 2005/12
24 An Analysisy of Productivity Improvement of Air Transport Industry and Inter-industrial Economic Effects brought by Slot Capacity Expansion of Haneda Airport Airport Planning Division 2005/9
23 Bearing Capacity of Airport Asphalt Pavements with Embedded Snow-Melting Equipment Airport Facilities Division 2005/9
22 Evaluation of Phased Plan of Infrastructure Improvement: A Real Options Approach Port Planning Division 2005/9
21 Study on Designing Roads in the Port Area-A Standard for Designing Roads in the Port Area:A Proposal- Port Planning Division 2005/6
20 Level-1 Reliability-Based Design Method for Gravity-type Breakwaters Port Facilities Division 2005/3
19 Survey Results and Analysis on Traffic Volumes of Domestic Transportation of International Maritime Container Cargo by Semi-Trailers Focused on Time Distribution and Expressway Use Port Systems Division 2004/12
18 An Analyses of Economic Loss due to Bottlenecks in Domestic Land Transportation Network for International Maritime Container Cargo    Port Systems Division 2004/6
17 Wind Controlled Intrusion of Kurosiho Warm Water into Sagami Bay, Japan Marine Environment Division 2004/6
16 Procedure for Producing Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Maps Earthquake Disaster Prevention Division 2003/10
15 Study on a Procedure for Formulating Level 2 Earthquake Motion Based on Scenario Earthquakes Earthquake Disaster Prevention Division 2003/10
14 Study on Standard for Joint Spacing and Joint Sealing Materials in Airport Concrete Pavement Airport Facilities Division 2003/12
13 A Model for International Maritime Container Movement and Scenario Analyses on Investment for Container Terminals with Deeper Berths Port Systems Division 2003/9
12 Larval Abundance, Distribution, and Size Composition of Planktonic Larvae of the Clam Ruditapes philippinarum in the Fall Season in Tokyo Bay Marine Environment Division 2003/9
11 Study on the Regulations for Base Buildings : Some proposals of the Building Standard and the Property Law for the new type of buildings which consist of the public or semi-public Base Structures and the private Secondary Structures Housing Planning Division 2003/3
10 A Model for Estimation Scales of Container Terminal Areas at the Stage of Port and Harbor Planning -A Standard for Designing Principal Size in Container Terminals:A Proposal- Port Planning Division 2003/6
9 Methodology for the Valuation of Environmental Impacts and Feedback Analysis of the Effects of Environment Policy on Coastal Development Coastal Zone Systems Division 2003/6
8 Short-Term spatial and Temporal Variations in Abundance and Sizu-frequency Distribution of planktonic Larvae of Clam Ruditapes philippinarum in Tokyo Bay Marine Environment Division 2003/6
7 Application of Recycled Asphalt Concretes in Airport Pavement Surface Courses - Investigation with Laboratory Tests-  Airport Facilities Division 2003/3
6 A Study on Design Methods of Barrier-free at Exterior Space -Problems and its Solution Proposals for Barrier-free Designs at Ports, Harbors, and Coasts- Airport Terminal Division 2003/3
5 Probability Characteristics of Surcharge acting on the Mooring Facilities Port Facilities Division 2002/12
4 Reliability Based Design Method for Checking the External Safety of Caisson Type Breakwaters Coastal Disaster Prevention Division 2002/3
3 Structural Design of Compression Joint for PPC Slab Pavements Airport Facilities Division 2001/12
2 Reliability based Design Method for Caisson Type Quay Walls Coastal Disaster Prevention Division 2001/12
1 Formulation of MEL1D-MB Model as a Practical Tool of Estuarine Environmental Impact Assessment Marine Environment Division 2001/12