2020 Annual Report of NILIM

Message of Director-General
Let's Think Flexibly! -- In Order to Lead Changes in Society / Technology --
Opening report
River Engineering for Adaptation to Climate Change
Activities for Wide-Area Development of Technologies for Large-scale Sediment-related Disaster Countermeasures
Road Traffic Management Using Big Data
Development of next-generation technical standards enabling the utilization of various inspection / monitoring techniques and repair / reinforcement techniques
Development of design and construction technologies for mixed-structure buildings that use new wooden materials
Examination of the actual energy conservation performance of buildings using big data
Technology to improve the living environment and mobility environment in residential areas in the suburbs
Messages from Departments and Centers of NILIM
For Continuing to Product Research Results Responding to Social Demand
The Decade and Future of B-DASH Project
Research and Study Supporting Disaster Prevention / Reduction in the Water Field
Disaster Prevention / Mitigation for Devastating Sediment Disasters
Efforts of the Road Traffic Department for Road and Traffic Innovations
For Realization of New Road Vision
Construction standards and promulgation technologies that can respond to needs of the society
IoT, AI, and the disaster management of houses and buildings
To build sustainable cities and cities that create new value
Activities of Research Center for Infrastructure Management and Future Perspective
1. Reserch and development to support national resilience, safety, and security
Study on Life Extension of Offshore Breakwaters and Other Offshore Facilities --- Revision of the Coast Protection Facilities Maintenance Manual ---
Changes in River Plan Target Precipitation due to Climate Change
Development of Soundness Diagnosis / Monitoring Technologies for Supporting the Life Extension of Dams
For Elimination of Flood Risk Information Vacuum Areas in Small- and Medium-sized Rivers
"Techniques" for "Supporting" "Flood Prevention Activity" for Community to Take with a Unified Effort
Reproduction of Sediment / Flood Cases considering Fine Sediment Behaviors
Analysis of the Sites of Slope Collapse by Earthquake
Proposal of Effective Utilization Method for ETC2.0 Probe Information in Traffic Safety Measures
Development of technology to quickly evaluate the robustness of core facilities damaged by earthquake
Survey on Measures for Supporting / Promoting Activities for Winter Road Measures by Local Residents etc.
Flood Risk Assessment of Houses / Household Goods and Development of Method for Promoting Countermeasure Introduction
Report on Operation of the Technology for Real Time Collection, Summarization, and Sharing of Infrastructure Damage Information
2. Research to support strong, sustainable economic growth
Study on the Comprehensive Management for Sewer Pipelines
Development of suitable BIM model for public housing construction projects
A Study on Target Types of Work, Applicable Technologies, etc. for Works Using ICT
3. Research to support community development that serves as a foundation for the good life
Empirical Study and Guideline Formulation on the B-DASH Project concerning Energy Saving / Creation Technologies in Sewage Treatment / Sludge Treatment
Issues and Measures for Smooth Traveling of Autonomous Driving Cars in Hilly and Mountainous Area
Possibility of improving the comfort of already constructed houses while residents are living there
Research on the facade design method to improve energy conservation performance in buildings
Development of technology for analysis and evaluation of urban structures based on diversifying daily support functions
Development of technologies to measure the green coverage ratio using AI
4. Dispatch of experts to disaster sites and technical support activities
Emergent Survey on the Disasters by the 2019 Boso Peninsula Typhoon, East Japan Typhoon, etc.
Creation of the Guide to Interpretation of Sediment Disasters with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images
Development of technologies to renovate facilities to ensure the health and safety of evacuees at evacuation shelters
Development of Technology for Detecting Damage by Earthquake from CCTV Camera Images Using AI
A Study for Early Restoration of the Road Bridge Damaged by the Earthquake
5. Technical consultation and technical support
Research of pedestrian flow observation method using Wi-Fi packet sensor
Research on Systems for Promoting New Technology Introduction in Singapore
6. Collection, analysis, management of data, return to society
Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures in Sewerage
Introduction of Image Recognition Type Traffic Count using AI
Development of Strong Motion Monitoring System
Improvement of future population and household forecast tool by reflecting user needs and future outlook
7. Research Coordination
Technical cooperation
8. International Research Activities
International Research Activities
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