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Research themes of the Coast Division
[4] Coastal utilization

[4] Coastal utilization

The amended Seacoast Law stipulates that protection, environmental development and conservation, and appropriate usage of coasts should be implemented to contribute to national land conservation.

Coast managers are aware of the importance of maintaining a harmonious balance among protection, the environment, and usage; however, this is not easy to achieve because of the tradeoff between various usage factors, between the environment and usage, and between the environment and protection.

This section discusses the importance of understanding the history and culture of coasts for identifying what to hand down to future generations and optimum coastal conservation in consideration of the environment and usage, while balancing protection, the environment, and usage.

Although the safety of coastal conservation facilities and their ability to resist waves and other external forces are widely recognized, coastal management from the viewpoint of "user safety" is becoming even more important. Thus, the Coast Division conducted experiments to reproduce the phenomena that occur underground and inside jetties which are out of sight, to identify the state of sediment runoff in artificial beaches.

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