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Research themes of the Coast Division
[2] Tsunami/storm surge

[2] Tsunami/storm surge

Japan is threatened by disasters due to tsunami, storm surges and waves, and coasts help protect human lives and properties from such disasters.

To prevent disasters due to tsunami, it is necessary to construct coastal facilities such as levees and tide gates, as well as to draw up countermeasures such as prompt information provision for appropriate evacuation, in consideration of the scale of tsunami that might occur. It is therefore necessary to identify the state and extent of probable damage to coastal facilities and urban functions due to tsunami, as well as to identify the feasible combination of various countermeasures and the extent of expected damage mitigation.

Maps showing inundation-threatened areas and the extent of damage due to tsunami or storm surges together with disaster information such as evacuation shelters and routes are called tsunami/storm surge hazard maps, and are now being developed to facilitate appropriate evacuation of residents in case of tsunami or storm surge attacks. When predicting probable inundation areas, the worst conditions must be taken into consideration; however, methods for assessing the frequency of occurrence of such worst conditions remain inadequate.

The Coast Division conducts research on tsunami damage to coastal facilities and inland areas together with damage mitigation measures, as well as on hazard assessment of storm surges.

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