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Coast Division: Experiment Facilities of the Coast Division
[1] Oceanic and coastal experiment facilities

4. Irregular wave basin

Wave basin dimensions 30.0 m in width, 40.0 m in length, 4.0 m in depth, 3.0 m regularly used depth
Wave generator Three wave generators equipped with a wave generating plate of 8.0 m in width and 1.0 m in height
Wave generation method Deformed flap method, hydraulic-drive stepping cylinder method
Wave generation capacity Capable of generating regular and irregular waves of 0.5 to 10 m wave length and 0.5 m maximum wave height (with wave period of 2.0 sec.)
Purpose For the experiments of sand movement, the wave force acting on maritime structures, and the behavior of floating structures at deep water depth

Irregular Wave Basin Irregular Wave Generator
Irregular Wave Basin Irregular Wave Generator