Evaluation System Division, Research Center for Land and Construction Management

Outline of the division


@The Evaluation System Division surveys and researches technologies for evaluating the performance of buildings etc.


Study themes


Development of the technology for information accumulation and utilization toward efficient and advanced maintenance of social capital and etc.


@In this research project, the teams carry out research and development for maintenance of accumulation, the profit utilization system of the facilities information in each field of construction, civil engineering, or the like. In our laboratory, examines an information utilization technology@toward profit utilization to safe security for investigations and diagnosis information for fall accident prevention@and the prevention of the outer wall of buildings in the community space facing a public road .


Technical Development of Base Building for Post-disaster Operation


@In the Great East Japan Earthquake, structural damage by tsunami and nonstructural damage causing functional loss occurred also in the government buildings. A tornado in Tsukuba City in May 2012 caused flying debris leading to massive damage to the windows and doors of a reinforced concrete building. This kind of damage may lead to the functional loss of base buildings for post-disaster operation. In 2013, NILIM started this research as a 4-year project in order to develop technology that enables base buildings to support emergency/restoration activities immediately after disasters. Evaluation system division joins this research mainly on the development of non-resonant suspended ceiling.






Building Production Engineering, Building Diagnosis


Senior researcher


Building construction system, Seismic Design of Nonstructural Component



Past studies


  • Development of control and management methods for existing infrastructures
  • Control impact assessment and trends of control assessment in Japan


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