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Please refer to research outline and B-DASH Project for more information on the following themes.

Position | Name Theme
Head |
Tajima A.
  • Division research management
Senior Researcher |
Oota T.
  • B-DASH Project
    • Project management
    • Demonstration project on the efficient energy utilization technology using high-solids anaerobic digestion and energy-saving biogas purification
Researcher |
Fujii T.
  • Research on the promotion of water environment management considering utilization of sewage resources
  • B-DASH Project
    • Demonstration of technology to efficiently collect and utilize biogas from a number of sewage treatment plants
    • Demonstration of filter-aided secondary clarifier for improving wastewater treatment capacity
Researcher |
Ishikawa T.
  • Research on improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment systems by utilizing the cpacity of existing sewerage facilities
  • B-DASH Project
    • Demonstration of Diagnosis technologies applied for conditions of deteriorated sewage treatment utilities using vibration data sensing and big data analysis
Researcher |
Yamamoto A.
  • B-DASH Project
    • Demonstration of technology of degradation diagnosis and equipment inspection with the use of ICT
    • Demonstration of the practical application of power generation type sewage sludge incineration technology for greenhouse gas reduction
Researcher |
Awata T.
  • Reseach on Global warming countermeasures (nitrous oxide management)
  • B-DASH Project
    • Demonstration of Low-cost Energy-saving High-concentration Methane Fermentation Technology for Small-scale Sewage Treatment Plant
Researcher |
Matsuhashi M.
  • Study on microbiological risk control technology for treated water and performance evaluation in water reuse
  • B-DASH Project
    • Demonstration Project for the practical use of Local Energy Production and Local Consumption technology with high-efficiency Anearobic digestive system
 Researcher |
Yamoto T.
  • Research on utilization system of energy of ammonia from sewage
  • B-DASH Project
    • Demonstration of the system on cloud platform which realizes maintenance-based continual stock management
 Guest Research Engineer |
Satoh T.
  • B-DASH Project

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