The 10th Conference on Public Works
   Research and Development in Asia
  The 10th Conference on Public Works Research and Development in Asia was convened over October 16 to 25, 2001, starting in Tsukuba at the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, and closing in Okinawa Prefecture. Attendees were officials from government agencies of participating countries, as listed below, responsible for implementing public works research and development policies.
   The Subject of Common Interest for this Conference was "Research and Development on Public Works concerned with Reducing Environmental Impact for Sustainable Development". After discussion at the NILIM, the symposium was held at "Bankoku Shinryokan" in Okinawa Prefecture where the Summit meeting was held in 2000.
  The conference ended with the confirmation of its conclusion:"Solutions to environmental issues are among the most important policy issues for each and every nation, and the participating nations will actively promote the transfer of technologies and mutual cooperation."
  To sustain and expand the connections formed between the participants at this conference so that its effect will not be short-lived, the NILIM's home page will be expanded to include a page about the Conference on Public Works Research and Development in Asia. And this page will be used for the exchange of information between the countries that have participated in the conferences. The address will be here Be sure to access this new page.


People's Republic of BANGLADESH Superintending Engineer,
Public Works Department,
Mr. Abdullah-Al-SHAFI
INDIA Additional Director-General,
Central Public Works Department, and Engineer-in Chief
Mr. Deepak NARAYAN
Republic of KOREA Director, Civil Engineering Research Division,
Korea Institute of Construction Technology
Dr. Gyu-Jin BAE
LAO People's Democratic Republic Director, Department of Communication,
Transport Post & Construction
Vientiane Municipality
MALAYSIA Director, Coastal Engineering Division,
Department of Irrigation and Drainage
Mr. SAW Hin Seang
Kingdom of NEPAL Director General,
Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention
Mr. Amoda Nand MISHRA
Kingdom of THAILAND Chief, Public Works Planning Subdiv., Bangkok
Metropolitan Administration
Department of Public Works
JAPAN Director-General,
National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Mr. Tadayuki TAZAKI