@@International Conference

The Conference and Meeting
on Public Works Research and Development in Asia

The Achievements of International Conference and Meeting
from 1993 and New Enhanced Actions Needed

No. Duration Theme
19th Nov.16 to 19, 2010 Infrastructure Development Considering Global and Local Environments (for Sustainable Development of Society)
18th Nov.10 to 17, 2009 Unique Road-policy Applied to the Regional Condition and Issues
17th Oct.21 to 29, 2008 Prevention and Mitigation of Natural Disasters
16th Nov.26 to Dec.7, 2007 Integrated Water Resource Management Adopting to the Global Climate Change in Asia
15th Nov.6 to 17, 2006 Economic and Social Effects of Road Network Development in Asia
14th Oct.17 to 28, 2005 Risk Management and Mitigation for Flood and Sediment Related Disasters
13th Oct.18 to 29, 2004 Management of Urban Water Environment
12th Oct.20 to 31, 2003 Traffic and Road - Measures for Urban Traffic Problem in Asian Big Cities
11th Oct.15 to 24, 2002 Water Resources and River Management for Suitable Development
10th Oct.16 to 25, 2001 Research and Development on Public Works concerned with Reducing Environmental Impact for Sustainable Development
9th Oct.9 to 20, 2000 Research and Development on Promoting Technology Transfer in the field of Construction Technology
8th Oct.11 to 22, 1999 Research and Development on the Construction Technology which is applicable to the Local Natural Environment and Social Condition
7th Oct.12 to 23, 1998 Research and Development on the Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Measures considering Ecolpgical Environment and Social Condition
6th Oct.12 to 23, 1997 Research and Development of Public Infrastructure Suitable to Environmental and Climatic Condition
5th Oct.13 to 24, 1996 - Harmony between Public Works and Environment
- Securement and Training of Civil Engineers
4th Sep.24 to Oct.6, 1995 Research and Development for Natural Disaster Reduction
3rd Oct.16 to 29, 1994 - Environmental Policy of Rivers, Lakes and Marshes
- Infrastructure Development in the field of Roads
2nd Nov.8 to 28, 1993 Disaster and Disaseter Prevention
1) Comprehensive Countermeasure against Floods
2) Countermeasure against Highway Slope Failure

Harmony betweenthe Environment and Improvement of Infrastructure
1) Measures for Water Quality Control of Reservoirs and Rivers
2) Countermeasures against Air Pollution and Noise caused by Road Traffics in Uraban Areas
1st Feb.14 to 28, 1993 Future Perspective for R&D of Disaster Prevention Techniques against Disaster caused by Rainfall
1) River-related Disaster
2) Sediment-related Disaster