Research activities

The Climate Change Adaptation Research Group has been conducting a three-year research concerning the “Development of basic technologies to support the setting and selection of countermeasure groups to deal with large-scale flooding caused by climate change” (Research presentation in pdf file 2.15 MB) since fiscal year 2010 as an NILIM research project. The role of the research is to organically integrate research activities performed in individual fields to develop base technology for supporting in defining and selecting adaptation measures based on the progress of respective research activities.
The research activities of the Group were started before fiscal year 2010. Various activities have already been conducted and are reflected in the above research project. Typical examples are described below.

  • Enhancement of preemptive heavy rain countermeasures through early detection of local downpours
    (Research presentation in pdf file 1.13 MB)
    Measures detecting unpredictable local downpours are enhanced by using multi-parameter radars, new heavy rainfall detection technique.
  • Refinement of dam operation for flood control using rainfall prediction technology
    (Research presentation in pdf file 2.18 MB)
    A method is sought to apply rainfall prediction technology, which has recently been advancing remarkably, to dam operation for flood control in a practicable way because developing new technologies for making effective use of existing infrastructure systems is important when adapting to climate change.
  • A study on methods for using treated wastewater in response to increased drought risk due to climate change
    (Research presentation in pdf file 1.05 MB)
    The research focuses on the contributions of using treated wastewater to the increase of efficiency of water system centering on cities over a medium to long period of time, and to the adaptation to climate change through wider use of treated wastewater as water sources at the time of drought.
  • Researches on climate change effects on river environment
    (Research presentation in pdf file 176 KB)
    The research aims at obtaining practical methods for identifying the effects of climate change on the river environment including complex biological phenomena by investigating past events, similar to the condition expected in the future under climate change but continued only for a short period of time, and their biological response.

We do not limit climate change adaptation research to the above but maintain flexibility in response to future developments of research and emerging needs while maintaining the baseline. New research developments will be presented on a timely basis.