Land and Building Use Control System for the Mature Society

Due to recent trend of urban population and industry, and maturation of existing built-up areas, or to support policy for intensive urban structure formation, our urban land and building use control system deserves some revision, from use location control under the urban expansion circumstnaces to uniformize use and form of developments, to planning and regulation corrensponding to urban maturation or shrinkage circumstances allowing certain level of mixed use and form. We are working to support such revisions by such as studying on performance based zoning and building use control systems to harmonize urban dynamism with livable environment.

Development of Location Rating Technologies of New Manufacturing Technologies and Industries

The location of industrial use is basically controlled by Use District System under the City Planning Law and Building Standard Law, and under the regulations, manufacturing facilities which correspond to factories are uniformly restricted by power level of motors used or by amounts of stored hazardous materials, and technological renovations are not necessarily taken in account. There are possibilities of special permits based on exceptional clause of Building Standard Law (Article 48) necessitates high technical knowledge by local governments to cover new technologies or industries and rarely applied. Therefore, we are executing studies to establish technical methods to enhance such administrative review (location rating techonlogies) to encourage smooth acceptance of wide variety of new technologies or industries within the compactifying built-up areas, provided appropriate measures are taken to harmonize with surronding urban environments.

Studies for Performance based Control for City Planning and Built Environment

Nowadays when new technologies and industries come into existence one after another, city planning is requested to smartly ballance correspondence to changes of the times and conservation of environment. The Use District System (zoning) which is a basic legal system to manage urban enviroment, especially seems unable to deal flexibly to such circumstances. We have executed studies to develop administrative technical review methods to harmonize urban activities and livable residential environment. For example, we have developed "Check Sheets for Judgement of Conditional Use Permit."

Studies on Special or Exceptional Permit System under the North American Zoning Control

We have undergone surverys of North American cities (i.e. USA and Canada) where similar land use control system to Japan by zoning are adopted.