Housing Production Division, Housing Department

Outline of the division
@The Housing Production Division is conducting surveys and studies on the production of houses and other buildings, and is developing rational methods for producing houses and buildings, quality control methods, advanced information communication technologies, and methods for evaluating and effectively utilizing existing buildings for long periods of time.

Study themes
Development of a system for determining the specifications of building parts based on the required durability performances
@Technologies are being developed to determine, by engineering, the construction methods of a building so as to satisfy the durability performances and levels demanded by its users. The division aims to protect the users of general buildings.

Development of working flows for the production of public buildings
@For the rational and efficient production of public buildings, the division is developing technologies that enable various needs to be satisfied by creating data models for various activities and subjects involved in the production of public buildings.


Development of technologies for controlling and managing infrastructures
@The division is developing methods for monitoring the structural deterioration and fall in value of infrastructures, technologies for revitalizing their functions by repair and maintenance, and systems for identifying the most rational control and maintenance methods to efficiently maintain the existing infrastructures, which supports the living and economic activities of people.

Head Yoshio WAKIYAMA Nonstructural Component, Housing and Building Production, Building System
Senior Researcher Kumiko ONO Barrier-Free Design, Renovation and Utilization of Building Stock, Housing Market

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