Housing Planning Division, Housing Department

Outline of the division
@@The Housing Planning Division is researching and developing methods related to the planning, construction and maintenance of houses. It is monitoring the trends in housing demand by analyzing the results of residence statistic surveys and conducting original surveys, and works with the national government to draw up the five-year program for the construction of housing.
@@The division is also conducting research and development to solve the issue of reconstructing old apartments, and investigating measures against sick house syndrome. The studies of the division, which is one of the leading laboratories of housing problems, are attracting attention.

Study themes
Studies to solve the problems of reconstructing apartments
@Reconstruction of old apartments is a recent issue. Five years ago, the division started investigating this topic as a main study theme, developed a method for judging whether to repair or rebuild an old apartment to help its management association to form an agreement, and identified issues in the legal system. The results are reflected in the law concerning the rebuilding of apartments of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. The division is also providing advice on the modification of the Condominium Ownership Law. Using the results, the division is preparing guidebooks for management associations and specialists, which will be completed.

Study on the skeleton-infill method
@As other parts of the comprehensive projects for apartments, the division is developing the skeleton-infill method (SI residences), which can be used for long periods of time. Skeleton means the structure of a building with enhanced durability, and infill means room arrangement and equipment. Clear separation of these two enables 1) changes in lifestyles to be dealt just by the modification of the infill, and 2) the skeleton to be effectively used for long periods of time. The division is developing technologies for the SI residences and investigating law systems for promoting the use of the method.

œDevelopment of skeleton residences that are durable for long periods of time
Separation of infill, which needs frequent modification, from the structure enables the building to be used for a long period of time.

FBuilding Skeleton, which can be used for more than 100 years
EThe structrure with enhanced durability

interior that can be flexibly changed according to the lives of the residents

œAlteration of the space arrangement
@@Long durable skeleton residences are easy to modify and repair.

Head Hidekazu Fujimoto Housing policy, Housing planning, Building design
Researcher  Koya Utsumi Housing planning, Urban planning
Researcher  Shiro Watanabe Housing supply, Building production
Researcher  Hideyuki Kobayashi Disaster history, Indonesian housing

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