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Outline of the division
 The Coast Division is establishing technical standards (for surveying, planning, designing, and constructing coastal structures) that are necessary for planning and formulating governmental policies, and is investigating coast protection measures by conducting in-situ monitoring, hydraulic model experiments, and numerical analyses. The division is also studying the ecosystems near river mouths and along coasts, and methods for restoring the natural waterside environments to protect and restore the natural environment.  

Study themes
Measures against coastal erosion utilizing natural forces
 Serious coastal erosion is a nationwide issue in Japan, and is mainly attributable to changes in the amount and movements of soil from river basins and along the coast. The division is surveying the movements of soil in river mouths and coastal areas and is developing systems for restoring sand beaches, such as sand fill works, head lands, and artificial reefs.

Figure 1 Coastal erosion in Japan

Understanding the mechanisms of storm surges and seismic sea waves and measures
 Storm surges during typhoons and seismic sea waves during earthquakes are being monitored to understand the properties and scales of their external forces. Methods are also being developed for evaluating the safety inside banks. The division also issues annual reports of ocean weather, which summarize the data from the ocean weather stations of the River Bureau throughout Japan.   


Figure 2 Example of storm surge risk evaluation

Protection of the ecosystems in river mouth and coastal areas
The division is surveying and investigating the effects of coast protection facilities, such as offshore banks and artificial reefs, on the ecosystem. Nature-friendly coast protection facilities are being investigated by studying the living environments of coastal plants.

Figure 3 Relationship between sand beach width and the width of vegetation zone
Division Director Masaya FUKUHAMA All aspects concerning coasts
Senior Researcher Koji YAMADA Coastal erosion
Senior Researcher Fuminori KATO Storm surges, Tsunami
Senior Researcher Kenji NOGUCHI Coastal erosion, Coastal Structure
Research Engineer Masaaki TOSAKI Bottom Sediments
Research Engineer Shingo SASAOKA Beach Erosion
Guest Researcher Daisuke OBATA Tsunami, Storm surges

 The Coast Division conducts studies on coastal technological standards and provides technological support to regional organizations to solve technological issues concerning surveys, designing, construction, and management of coasts. It is also performing studies on coast deformation and the functions and structures of coastal structures using its full-scale hydraulic experiment facility.

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