The Road Environment Division was reformed from the Traffic Environment Division of the Environment Department of the former Public Works Research Institute. In this division they perform research on atmospheric pollution including global warming, road traffic noise, the natural environment and social systems related to road environment, including strategic environmental assessment. Since the research institute reformed in April 2001, we challenge research on the environmental planning from the viewpoint of social science and on social impacts caused by the execution of environmental policy.


Preservation of the Atmospheric Environment

One of the challenges of this division is working to develop the prediction technique for atmospheric pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and Suspended Particulate Matter due to road traffic. The research that evaluates policies to reduce the emission of atmospheric pollutants and green house gases, which makes those policies work well.

Noise Reduction

We develop road noise prediction technology to accompany new road traffic noise assessment technology. We also develop and evaluate noise reduction technologies such as law noise pavement and noise barriers employing new technologies.

Evaluation of Road Environment Measures and Improvement of Public Acceptance

We perform research on the system of policy management cycles including systems of public participation such as strategic environmental assessments etc. We also improve procedure to provide environmental conservation measures with publics better understanding and acceptance.


This division operates two research facilities: an atmospheric pollution test facility where atmospheric pollutant diffusion experiments are performed and the noise test facility where noise model test is done.


Position Name Research Theme
Head Nodoka OSHIRO Supervise
Senior Researcher Yasuyuki SAWADA Noise, Vibration, Energy conservation
Senior Researcher Hiroshi YOSHINAGA Noise, Energy conservation, Low-cost utility poles removal
Senior Researcher Hiroki OGAWA Utility poles removal, EIA, Wildlife preservation measures
Researcher Yosuke NAGAHAMA Wildlife preservation measures, Green Infrastructure, Road space utilization
Researcher Masamichi TAKIMOTO Utility poles removal, Road space utilization, Atmospheric environment
Guest Research Engineer Nobuaki HASUO Road space utilization, Green Infrastructure

  • EIA: Environmental impact assessment


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