@@International Conference

The 17th Conference
on Public Works Research and Development in Asia
October 29, 2008
- Prevention and Reduction of Natural Disasters -

Conference on Public Works Research and Development in Asia has been held since February 1993 with a cooperation of Japan International Cooperation Agency, aiming at;
  1. exchange of information conducible to mutual understanding
  2. examination of technical matters, and
  3. formulation of the researchers' network
The 17th Conference on Public Works Research and Development in Asia was held from October 21 through October 29, 2008 in Tsukuba City and Niigata City for the most part. The participants were executive technical officers from Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam and Japan.

"Prevention and reduction of natural disasters" is becoming an urgent issue due to the frequent occurrence of earthquakes and flood in recent years. "Prevention and reduction of natural disasters" was adopted as the conference theme for the 17th Conference on Public Works Research and Development in Asia.

Under the subject of common interest, "Prevention and reduction of natural disasters", participants made presentations and exchanged views in regard to the present situation as well as the effort for disaster prevention and reduction of respective country.
Also, under the subjects of sectoral issues, namely, "earthquake and Tsunami related disasters", "flood and storm surge related disasters" and "sediment related disasters", technologies for disaster prevention/ reduction as well as research activities of Japan were introduced and views were exchanged.
In addition, site visits to observe advanced technologies as well as practices were conducted in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Niigata prefecture.
Further, the participants attended "The 17th International Symposium on National Land Development and Civil Engineering in Asia" and made presentations on the circumstance and issues of respective country and had discussion on disaster prevention /reduction framework at the panel discussion

The participants shared understanding of addressing natural disaster prevention/reduction and confirmed the necessity of cooperation for promoting research activities with NILIM and JICA in the future.
Through the conference, participants learned case examples of earthquake, tsunami, flood, landslide etc in different countries.
As the result of the discussions, measures for disaster prevention and reduction in Asia to be addressed by the participating countries were recognized by the participants.
The participants from nine countries declared the following action points considering the difference of natural and social condition from country to country.

  1. Disaster prevention and disaster reduction are the fundamentals for sustainable development of a country
  2. System, organization and plan for disaster management to be developed at each of national level, provincial level, district level and community level.
  3. It is important to incorporate disaster reduction measures in the national development plan. For that purpose development of laws is necessary.
  4. Set-up of early warning system (networking)
  5. Human resource development of administrative personnel for disaster management.
  6. Implementation of educational program for disaster prevention
  7. Development of independent disaster prevention organizations (community)
  8. Promotion of research activities in cooperation of Asian countries
  9. Acquisition of budget for the items listed as above