2013 Annual Report of NILIM

Message from the Director-General
Good Development and Management of Infrastructure
Messages from Departments and Centers of NILIM
Perspective to advance the comprehensive technology policy research
Worldwide Check list toward the maintenance of the infrastructure    -Asset Management International Standard ISO55000-
Shed light on the river channel design!
For the maintenance and renewal of the aging road structures
Agendas for addressing building Standards’ maintenance
Beginning of Full-scale Process for Housing Recovery
Low Carbon Town Development With Multifaceted Support
Direction of effort responds to environmental restoration of Tokyo Bay
Performance Verification Act of Harbor Structure towards Further Streamlining
Aviation policy in a new age and the foremost line of study on airports
Movement and outlook of dynamic traffic management by IT
A Step Towards Minimizing Damage from Natural Disasters
Achieving Safe Society Free from Fear
Response to Natual Disaster
A trend of countermeasures for the long-period earthquake ground motion to architectural structures
Experiment on tsunami run-up in a river using the largest hydraulic model
Technical support to designating the assumptions of tsunami inundation by preparing guidelines
Technical support in relation to resilient structures of coastal dikes
Research on assessing the risk of landslide in storms following major seismic disturbances
Estimate of volume of debris on the road after earthquake
Dam Flood Control based on Ensemble Rainfall Forecasting
Technical matters for introduction of X-band MP Radar observation
Investigation of flooding streams caused by heavy rain disaster in the Northern Kyusyu
Development of the technology to measure sediment transportation on mountainous river
Protect the sand dune (regarded as a natural dike) using the “Sand pack” -Beach scarp recession preventive works-
Estimation of tsunami wave force by damage simulation of a highway bridge
Revision of design earthquake motion for interplate earthquakes
Countermeasures against large-scale earthquake in sewage system based on the damage of Great East Japan Earthquake
A guide to the discharge and treatment of wastewater during a disaster
Arrangement and assessment towards earthquake observation and earthquake motion of architectural structure
Full-scale fire experiment of three-story wooden school building (preparatory experiment)
Technical datum original plan concerned ceiling fall and escalator fall
Consideration regarding seismic performance of panel structure by Cross Laminated Timber
The design examples of wooden building to be constructed in the region where tsunami attack may occur
NILIM Supports Local Governments on Anti Liquefaction of Housing Areas for Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster
Undertaking the housing recovery and reconstruction by local builders in the Great East Japan Earthquake
Post Great East Japan Earthquake activities by the construction industry
Role of Regional Construction Contractors in The Great East Japan Earthquake
Reports on Damage to Buildings, etc. brought about by the Tornado which hit Tsukuba, Ibaraki on May 6, 2012
Technical Assistance for Sediment Disasters Caused by Heavy Rainstorms in the Northern Kyushu District
Description on the actual damages to the peoples’ lives by The Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake And Tsunami
Prioritization of the Tsunami Countermeasure among air ports
Achieving Daily Life Free from Fear
Analysis of the Effects of the Measures for Technical Note of Traffic Safety Measures and Planning
What is the road that makes a feel of human priority?
Development of “simplified block performance evaluation system for densely built-up areas”
Establishment of Social Capital Management for Mature Society
Strategic Maintenance of Social Capital
Outer wall diagnosis technology for long life use of the building
Development of under-floor deterioration diagnosis equipment for preventive maintenance engineering of wooden building
Development of inspection and monitoring technology for preventive control of infrastructure
The Technique of Planned and Effective Investigation and Judgment of Sewer Pipes
Revision of “Specifications for Highway Bridges”
The damage evaluation technique from the point appearance for the highway steel bridge heat affected by a fire
Inspection Results and Accuracy of Probabilistic Structural Condition Forecasting for Highway Bridges
Toward setting the frequency of weeding of levee required for flood control function maintenance
Revision of Airport Pavement Design, Maintenance and Rehabilitation Manual
Verification of Vehicles’ Driving Route Monitoring Technologies on Actual Roads
Maintenance and operation of the flood control facilities that support the water disaster prevention system
Future Prospect of Country
Analysis on Needs of Daily Life Facilities by Household Structure
Achieving Affluence of Life
Research on how the systematic shrinking of urban areas in depopulating cities should be
Study of how to grasp design information toward understanding the performance evaluation of existing homes
A New Guideline for the Creation of Safe and Comfortable Bicycle Use Environments
Strengthening Growth Capacity and International Competitiveness
A study on transport mode choice model of domestic marine unit load transportation in view of countermeasures against global warming
Characteristics Analysis of the International Ferry, RO-RO Ship and Transport Cargo
Research on the possibility of new domestic airline route by downsizing of aircraft and LCC.
Policy Simulation Based on Airport Demand Management Policy and the Market Entry of Low-Cost Carriers(LCCs)
International Collaborative Research in ITS Field
Traffic Volume Survey Using Image Processing Technology
The Interim Report Workshop held in Japan
Opening effect of Shin Tomei Expressway of road traffic seen from the data observed at all times
Creating Harmonized Society with the Environment
Maintenance and Creation of Good Environment
Impacts on the riverine estuary area of the Kitakami River by the Great east Japan earthquake disaster
Development of the Estimation Method of the Sediment Transport using the Chemical Composition
Estimation of the garbage volume flowing into the Tokyo Bay
Manual of the slope revegetation method for conservation of regional ecosystem
Preparing michishirube (a guidepost) to create a beautiful country”(Provisional Name)
Guideline to develop low-carbon cities based on city planning technology for heat island countermeasures and utilization of ‘Eco-City Act’
Proposition of Information Sharing System between the Citizens and River Management Administration
Study on the medium scale flashing discharge in the dam
Research and study for planning future measures for roadside atmospheric environment
Progress of Future Road Traffic Noise Abatement
Results of Research Regarding Complaints of Residents Associated with Building Use and Countermeasures against its Effects on Surrounding Areas
Recover the Seashore vegetation utilizing the waves
Project with government, citizen and researcher towards Integrated Coastal Management
Examination on method of setting the minimum water level for smooth introduction of small hydro power generation in mountainous rivers
Responding to Global Scale Climate Change
Adaptation Plan to Climate Change
Margins of forecasting the future increase in torrential rains controlling adaptation to climate change
About the future water resource management considering the climate change
Promotion of Effective Inundation Countermeasures to Prepare for the Future Increase of Heavy Rain
Mitigation Measures to Climate Change
Approaches for assessment of CO2-reduction effect by using low-carbon technology
Demonstration Study of Breakthrough by Dynamic Approach in Sewage High Technology Project (B-DASH Project)
Global warming countermeasure in sewage works
Exhaust Gas Characteristics of Freight Vehicle on the Real Road
Field Operational Tests to Examine the Driving Practice for Congestion Mitigation at Sag Sections
Wireless power supply system for running electric vehicles
Research on the application of the local production for local consumption type renewable energy in urban areas
Publication of Hydrogen Supply Experiment in Joint Ditch
Geothermal Application for Building
Formulation of Inclusive Methods to Support Land Development
Optimization of Administration
The latest trend of procurement systems in the field of consultant engineering
Revision of operation guideline on Quality and Cost Based Selection for public works projects under direct control of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Utilizing bridge 3D data over the course of design, construction, and maintenance
Making of Software Function Confirmation Guidelines Concerning the As-built Measurement using TS with 3D-design-data
Toward Upgrading the Evaluation Method for Public Works -Dealing with the Non-monetary Effects-
Reliability index on traveling time in road transportation
Analysis of Relation between Trend of Social Economy and Index of Road Traffic
Utilization system of probe information collected via ITS spot
Movement of people and infrastructure of information and Working on the application of transportation planning
Advance of Technical Standards
Efforts to draft construction-related technical standards
Studies on the effect of reducing the stress in the ground by aircraft
Maintenance of technical standards in collaboration with practicing engineer and researchers
Complete revision of ‘Environment Impact Assessment Technique for Road Project’ -corresponding to consideration document procedures, etc. following assessment law amendment-
Promote of Highly Information Technologies
A joint research concerning the next generation's cooperative ITS development
Effort Towards Implementation of Information Service Under the Cooperation Between the Public and Private Sectors Using Road Section ID System
Developing Information Sharing Platform for Road Management
Release of Common MP Hydrological Data Acquisition Tool
Activity of Technical Emergency Control Force (TEC-FORCE) of NILIM
Disaster investigation such as TEC-FORCE of the river sector and Utilization of the result
Major Disaster Survey
Major International Conferences
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